Making Art by Music

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Artist Shaun Ray runs the music painting class for service users at the Severn View care home and the Salkeld day room at Chepstow Community Hospital.

Participants in the classes paint in connection to the music they hear during the classes.

Their canvases, painted with acrylics, become visual translations of the emotion and the rhythm of the music the class is listening to.

Many of the people Mr Ray works with have been diagnosed with early-onset dementia.
Mr Ray says the music painting sessions are “all about well being”.

“It started two years ago as an eight-week trial project, and has continued providing an essential weekly boost of pleasure to those living with health issues that manifest in old age,” he said.

The service users “have decided it’s high time they shared their creative achievements with the wider community,” he added. “It’s a real honour.

“Please come along to support the artists and buy affordable originals. All we will ask is that you donate how much a painting is worth to you.”

Credit: Making Art by Music

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