He Caught Her Cheating Red-Handed But Instead Of Freaking Out, Found A Better Way Out Of The Situation!

Imagine you found your partner in bed with somebody else, what would be your first reaction? Screaming, yelling, slamming doors, right? It seems pretty obvious. Not in Harry’s case though – he kept his sense of humor and decided it was a great opportunity for a couple of humiliating pictures.


Harry Alby from Manchester, walked in to his bedroom to catch his GF on the act, sleeping completely wasted next to a stranger. He didn’t think much, just grabbed his phone and snapped a few pictures presenting the pair in bed.


Catching your GF red handed is a lot to handle but he dealt with it just perfectly, by staying calm and finding a perfect way out of this hopeless situation. He posted all the pictures on his FB and even tagged his girlfriend.


‘This is how my lovely GF welcomed me home after a long trip, thanks darling, I can always count on you.’ he wrote using a peace sign emoji.


The pictures he took show Harry’s girlfriend – now ex girlfriend passed out drank next to some random half naked dude. There is even one selfie he took with them in the background!


The guy seemed like he enjoyed his sleep, just as it was his own bed! At first Harry wanted to just smash his face and kick him out of his flat, but he found a better way to punish both of them. After he snapped all the pictures he just walked away like a boss.


It’s not a surprise all the pictures went viral. But what Harry didn’t expect was such a huge feedback from people from all over the world, who started to share and comment everything he posted! They were congratulating him for keeping his humor and staying calm in such a sh**** situation.


One woman told him “I’m sure one day you will find the love you deserve. Well done with the b****!”


Harry was really grateful for all the support he received. It really helped him to go back on his feet and recover from an emotional breakdown. He realised it’s not always people that surround you that will help you, but there is a lot of good people out there in the world, that you can always count on!

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